Quartz sand processing factory emergency rescue plan

Emergency Response Plan

2017-10-9 · CEM-BER-OHS-01 CEM-BER-OHS-Berrima Emergency Response Plan_Nov 2014 Page 12 of 44 Uncontrolled if printed 2.8.2 –Pollution Incidents – immediate notification numbers Government Authority – compulsory notification Emergency Notification Number EPA – Environment Line 131 555 Fire & Rescue NSW 1300 729 579 Wingecarribee Council 4868 0888


2020-5-25 · Emergency Response Team – means the CGM employees trained in all areas of rescue, fire fighting and advanced first aid treatment. Employee – means an individual who works under the contractor employment, apprenticeship or traineeship with any company working at the mine. ERP – means Emergency Response Plan.

3M Fall Protection and Rescue Plan

2018-12-19 · to falls from height. This rescue plan is intended to reduce risks to an employee''s health after a fall arrest event. The rescue plan should also minimize the amount of at-risk behavior of the rescuer during the rescue attempt, and help to ensure that the rescue is conducted promptly in a safe and professional manner. 2.0 APPLICATION

Emergency Response Planning for Surface Mines

2022-2-8 · Emergency management is the process of: 1. Planning and preparing for an emergency 2. Organizing a response to an emergency 3. Recovering from an emergency Why have an emergency response plan? 1. Preservation of life is always the first and most important goal of emergency response. 2.

Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Plan for Scaffolding | Blog

2021-3-3 · Creating a Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Plan for Scaffolding. Effective rescue plans should include the following procedures for: Limiting the time the casualty is suspended. Rescuing the casualty, either self rescue or by another person / persons. Emergency treatment during and after the rescue. Quickly identifying the symptoms and signs of ...


2017-4-26 · 2.1 This rescue plan applies to all locations where personnel are employed to work at height. 2.2 The requirements of this rescue plan must be observed by all personnel involved in working at heights. 2.3 This rescue plan must be reviewed or included in any job safety analysis or pre-task planning for activities that require working at heights.

Emergency plan for emergency rescue of production …

2016-7-4 · June 30, 2016 at 15:00 PM, the company in the two workshop of the workshop between the -207 Workshop on the ground to carry out this years production safety accident emergency rescue comprehensive planning exercises in 205.

Emergency Response Plan

Native Animal Trust Fund – 24 hr emergency rescue hotline 0418 628 483 WIRES – Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service 1300 094 737 Bush Fire Information Line (Rural Fire Services) 1800 679 737


2008-6-6 · Effect the rescue and treatment of casualties; Safeguard human lives and Minimise damage to property and the environment. Responsibility This procedure is the responsibility of the Project Engineer. Procedures The following describes the process and condition for Emergency Response Procedure Types of Emergency

An Emergency Rescue Plan for Working at Height

A rescue plan is designed to minimise the risk of injury and retrieve a suspended person in a safety harness. There are two types of harness used when working at height: A fall protection harness. A rescue harness. Both types can be used for rescue, but the rescue harness works better if the injured person is unconscious.